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Where to begin when there really isn't a clear beginning? The site was originally started back in 2002, but I knew about Michael Cretu and not least Enigma for years before that. As an artist there were several things I liked about him, including his respect for music, the perfectionism he developed his projects with, his willingness to dare not only in the music directly, but also when choosing talent to create with. That and his grounded, somewhat withdrawn approach to the world simply made it an easy decision for me that the effort was worth it, and so a site that promotes his music (particularly the Enigma project) was born.

Since then my skills at making web sites have improved somewhat, and Cretu has released several new albums. This is currently the third design of the site (launched on April 17th, 2009). In the beginning there was another person who helped contribute and research content for the site, but time has done it's things and I am now the sole operator. Much of the content has been updated for the latest release of the site, and a lot of things have happened in the music world that after 7 short years suddenly calls for whole new ways to look at things.

It has been interesting to follow the number of visitors go up and down depending on the releases, news, and other factors that can't really be explained. Some people want very specific information, and others are happy with keeping Enigma an Enigma. I suppose the purpose of the site is undefined in many aspects, but it takes shape and becomes what it is because of the people who see it, and for that I would like to thank you. It would not be as interesting if you weren't here.

Art is a timeless pleasure.