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Sandra Ann Lauer (later Sandra Cretu) is a singer who became popular in the 80s with the help of Michael Cretu to whom she was married from 1988 until 2007. The two met when Sandra was part of a group named Arabesque which saw some success, especially in Japan. Michael Cretu played keyboards at a recording studio used to create one of the group's albums, and soon after meeting they became romantically involved. Arabesque broke up in 1984, and Cretu started producing works for Sandra instead. The first single resulting from this was not very successful, but it would only take a year before they had a hit titled Maria Magdalena that topped in more than 20 countries. It was part of an album released as The Long Play in December of 1985.

The success was followed up with an album titled Mirrors that had singles reaching the top ten in several countries throughout Europe in 1986. This trend continued in 1988 with the release of Into a Secret Land, this time earning a silver in France for the single Heaven Can Wait. After a few compilation albums Sandra had another release in 1990 which was also the year Michael Cretu launched the first Enigma album. Sandra had provided her voice for some of the tracks here, and would continue to do so on numerous tracks for the project.

Until 1995 Michael Cretu produced an album for Sandra before the release of each Enigma album. In 1992 it was Close To Seven before The Cross of Changes, and in 1995 it was Fading Shades before Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!. In 1995 Sandra gave birth to twins and would take a break from releasing solo albums until her comeback. This happened in 2002 with the Cretu produced album The Wheel of Time. It was the last album Michael Cretu produced for Sandra before their divorce, after which she has continued her own solo career with other artists. More than 12 million of her albums have been sold worldwide.