Michael Cretu

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Other Sites

There are many sites on the Internet related to Michael Cretu and not least his Enigma project. If you didn't find what you were looking for here, maybe you will be able to on some of them. Several of them have been around for years and are still updated whenever something new happens, while others have been quiet for some time (when I wrote this anyway!). See below for some of the ones I've selected.

List of Sites

  • Enigma (Official Site) - If you are looking for the official Enigma web site, here you go. There is both an English and German version available.
  • Crocodile Music Management - Manages Enigma and other artists related to Michael Cretu, including Ruth-Ann Boyle.
  • EnigmaSpace - Another official site regarding Enigma, dedicated to the latest release from the project.
  • EnigmaMusic.com - Very comprehensive. Martyn Woolley who founded it has done some very nice things with it over the years, including a fan interview with Michael Cretu.