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The Cross of Changes

The Cross of Changes

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With the second album Enigma clawed it's way even further into success, not least because of the very popular track Return to Innocence, though it was also this song that would cause the most problems for the release. It contains a chant that was later found to be owned by a tribe who sued and settled to receive part of the profit from sales. The Cross of Changes went on to sell millions of copies, won numerous platinum and gold awards around the world, and further cemented the status of Enigma as a music project many people could get behind.

Around the time Michael Cretu worked on The Cross of Changes he was asked to create music for a film titled Sliver, starring Sharon Stone, William Baldwin, Tom Berenger and Martin Landau, and this led to one original track that also made it to the album in a remixed form. Here it is called Age of Loneliness, with the subtitle Carly's Song as a reference to the main character's name. Mixes of tracks found on MCMXC a.D. were also used used throughout the film.


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The Cross of Changes was released in 1993.