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Michael Cretu had earned himself a solid reputation in the industry and was ready for new things. With ideas from David Fairstein and Frank Peterson he came up with something altogether unique. Old rules and habits have to be rejected and dismissed so that something new can be created was the philosophy, and a single titled Sadeness was the first release. The Enigma music project was born. Sadeness went on to be a stunning success, pairing sensuality, mystery and Gregorian chants with original ideas, laying a foundation for when MCMXC a.D. was released. Despite numerous million-sellers afterwards, it's in many ways still the most popular album from the project, and Cretu has said that with the means he had then, given a second chance, there is nothing he would change about it.

Originally Michael Cretu had credited himself as Curly M.C. on the album in hopes of keeping the creator a secret (Frank Peterson became F. Gregorian), but the sheer popularity and some legal circumstances regarding samples used on MCMXC a.D. made this impossible. MCMXC is the roman numerals for 1990, and a.D. is probably Anno Domini, a latin suffix indicating a year after the birth of Christ. More directly translated it means the year of our lord. The painting featured on the album cover was created by H.P. Uertz.


Album Picture

MCMXC a.D. was released in 1990.