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Love Sensuality Devotion

Love Sensuality Devotion

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Love Sensuality Devotion is the first Greatest Hits album released from the Enigma project. This was done to conclude the first four albums after which Michael Cretu took the project in a new direction with Voyageur. In addition to sixteen tracks from the previous albums, Love Sensuality Devotion contains one original track titled Turn Around and a track that serves as the album introduction. There was also a remix collection released at the same time that contained a compilation of Enigma remixes found on various singles through the years.


  • 1 The Landing
  • 2 Turn Around
  • 3 Gravity of Love
  • 4 T.N.T. For The Brain
  • 5 Modern Crusaders
  • 6 Shadows In Silence
  • 7 Return to Innocence
  • 8 I Love You ... I'll Kill You
  • 9 Principles of Lust
  • 10 Sadeness
  • 11 Silence Must Be Heard
  • 12 Smell of Desire
  • 13 Mea Culpa
  • 14 Push The Limits
  • 15 Beyond The Invisible
  • 16 Age of Loneliness
  • 17 Morphing Thru Time
  • 18 The Cross of Changes

Love Sensuality Devotion was released in 2001.