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The Energy of Sound

The Energy of Sound

Trance Atlantic Air Waves

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One of the side projects Michael Cretu tended to during the 90s was in collaboration with Jens Gad who had assisted him on several albums before. The two created remixes of 7 previously released songs, like Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer and Pulstar by Vangelis (whom Cretu considers the greatest keyboard player of all time). Michael Cretu and Jens Gad titled the album The Energy of Sound and released it under the name Trance Atlantic Air Waves. It also featured two original tracks by Jens Gad (Addiction Day and Twelve After Midnight), and one track by both of them (L-42).

In terms of style it's dominantly electronic, but the music is in both spectrums with some tracks being fast and energetic while others rely on a subtle touch.


  • 1 Lucifer
  • 2 Axel F
  • 3 Crockett's Theme
  • 4 Dance with the Devil
  • 5 Addiction Day
  • 6 Magic Fly (Wonderland Mix)
  • 7 Chase
  • 8 Twelve After Midnight
  • 9 L-42
  • 10 Pulstar

The Energy of Sound was released in 1998.