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Michael Cretu created this German solo album fairly early on in his career with himself singing the lyrics. The following year he produced a single with Sandra in a Munich studio named after the 7th track on Legionäre (Data-Alpha). Neither this album or Sandra's single became notable commercial successes, but Legionäre is definitely a precursor that gives occasional glimpses into the mind that would later create Enigma. Especially the title track is an example, though some later songs take on a whole different and much more 80s characteristic feel.


  • 1 Legionäre
  • 2 Total Normal
  • 3 Spiel Auf Zeit
  • 4 Frau Aus Stein
  • 5 Goldene Jahre
  • 6 Zeitlose Reise
  • 7 Data-Alpha-4
  • 8 Karawanen
  • 9 Der Planet Der Verlorenen Zeit

Legionäre was released in 1983.