Michael Cretu

Unofficial Web Site


Michael Cretu has been making music for decades and is best known for his Enigma project. This completely unofficial web site has information about the albums, a biography about Michael Cretu, and pages regarding some of his other projects.

Site News

September 10th, 2011 » I made it easier to share the site on social networks by adding buttons at the top right of every page. Feel free to share your favorite pages from the site. I still have some content additions in mind when time permits.

April 17th, 2009 » After needing a new design for some time, I have finally been able to develop one. I've also taken the opportunity to go over some of the older content to update it, and new things will also be introduced to reflect the most recent Enigma release. I have some other ideas for the site as well.


The search has been improved quite a bit. Use it to find titles and lyrics created by Michael Cretu, including most of the Enigma songs. If you only remember a few words from a song, this could be a good way to find it.